Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost premiers on ABC final season 8pm to 11pm 2.2.10

I love LOST ever since I got sucked in via watching it on Netflix on my PS3 in december 2009, I watch all 5 seasons in 2 weeks...and to tell you the truth, that's a lot of episodes via they are all 45 mins each.  I went in as people would say.  22 episode average times 5 seasons equals 110 episodes times 45 mins equals 4950 mins divide by 60 mins equals 82.5 hrs divide by 24hrs equals an estimated 3.5 days of LOST...

Anyways as I am watching LOST right now... ABC 9:35pm and blogging, I am enjoying it so far, but the only problem is that I have go to work, and I work the same time LOST comes on which is 9pm Tuesdays...So I guess I have a choice to make, LOST and be on point for the final season or get to work and miss it and scramble to catch up with everyone and hear everyone drop all the details on blogs and twitter and facebook status and ruin it for me.  I mean I went like 5 yrs without hearing about it, but since its back on, I can't refuse to resist hearing about it.   Well let's see...

Stay Tuned all LOST fans and stuff...I think I know what my options are now.  I love you LOST.



It's Black History Month February 2010

Welcome to February its black history month.   I am proud to be  a black man.  We have our black president, our own month, and many more things to be happy about.   I just wanted to introduce the month as a proud memory many great blacks (African Americans) have worked hard and gave their lives for to set history.



Monday, February 1, 2010

Its the 1st day of my journey into my career

Well today is officially the day I truly start my journey towards my career. So there will be a crazy amount of things I will be involved into. As I said on twitter and facebook, I am a double agent from now on, creative and professional. So its going to be quite an interesting journey. Follow me. Lol, so corny.