Wednesday, December 2, 2009

RAW MP: Christmas is Coming 2009 IMG 2

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Christmas is Coming 2009

Briefing: Raw Multimedia & Photography (RAW MP) wanted to try something new this year breaking out of a long awaited content block (equal to writer’s block) to present creative and nice photos and images from December 1st to December 25th so there fans and friends can see something different for the Christmas season. RAW MP’s “Christmas is Coming” is it first mini series in creation by its owner Richardo A. Wilson. “Let’s all be Happy and Have a Merry Christmas.” Richardo A. Wilson

December 2, 2009
Image #2

Copyrighted 2009 Richardo A. Wilson
RAW MP: Christmas is Coming

RAW MP's Top 25 Countdown of 2009 #24 The Die

Richardo’s Top 25 Countdown of 2009

December 2, 2009 
Number 24

Song: The Die
Artist: Lupe Fiasco feat. Gemstone
Album: The Cool

The wordplay in this song is crazy. It’s my hype track, Lupe and Gem murdered the lyrics. I really think there was a death of the cool and it is in Hip Hop. But check this song out, if you dig lyrics and storytelling.

“The Death of the Cool”

Briefing: Richardo is passionate lover of music who designed his own annual top 25 countdown of music he enjoyed, kept him hyped, relaxed his mind, or just simply “HOT” for the year of 2009. All songs are not songs released in this year, but he had discovered and couldn’t help put on replay over a million times. This annual mini series is set for 25 days of December 2009 leading to Christmas. See if one of your favorites is on Richardo’s Top 25 Countdown and leave a comment if you both share a love of that song. “Music is my life” Richardo A. Wilson.

Copyrighted 2009 Richardo A. Wilson 
Richardo’s Top 25 Countdown of 2009