Monday, August 2, 2010

All White Everything by Young Jeezy Sotd 10

At first I didn't want to give this song a chance via I had downloaded it and didn't know how to apply it into my lovely musical play list of hip hop.  But once my best friend came over and I saw that I had the song and said it was amazing and I am losing out not rocking out to Young Jeezy, I was like nah, I am going to have to go and listen and listen until a love the song like my best friend do.  And to no regrets, it's ALL WHITE EVERYTHING everyday since.  Young Jeezy is so cool on this track and his comparsions are simply EPIC, going from white houses, to horses, to Porsches (I LOVE PORSCHES), you can't help do to sing along and wish you had ALL WHITE EVERYTHING.


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All White Everything by Young Jeezy Sotd 10

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