Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Be A Urban Master Ninja (extreme insane workouts)

Master Ninjas are uses Calisthenics, Extreme Workouts, Insane Techniques ||
Crazy Flips...Matrix Slow Motion, Epic Training...Monster Fitness


totally cool crazy epic

I want to be me, so I can't be you,
I don't want to walk in your shadow,
I just want to be me, but be cool,
Though it's nice to be in the shade,
I want to see the sun,
Bright light in my eyes, time to have some fun,
I can be dramatic at times, a little loose with my words,
I like to call out nouns, of course I like doing the verbs,
Actions make motions, and being still is being ill,
So I power up my thrusters because I am going on in,
No one is in my path but crazy looneys that don't want to believe,
I cry along my path, and if I get cut I will bleed,
But I shall patch up all my wounds and continue my mission,
I might not have a lot, but at least I have my ambition.

- Richardo  totally cool crazy epic

Did you like my poem?  Are you going for a higher goal in life?  Is someone trying to stop you from your dreams?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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