Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chelsea vs West Ham 1-1 December 20, 2009

Chelsea like what the heck man, I mean why the hell you going to make West Ham score on you first. First of all y'all could of put some goals in nicely...I am going to have to say even though he is my dude, Joe Cole lost mad opportunities. The ref dip on 2 penalities we could of came up on but hey. We got a draw 1-1, that means 1 point rather than 0 points.


3 times, Lampard had to take a penalty. CRAZY, wow. I would of been tight. But it must of been damaging for Lampard former Club to see him score 3 times on there turf....OUCH.

Chelsea let's make it happen...Title Run is where it is at.

RAW MP Top 25 Countdown of 2009 #6 Sooner or Later

RAW MP Top 25 Countdown of 2009 #6 Sooner or Later
Richardo’s Top 25 Countdown of 2009

December 20, 2009

Song: Sooner Or Later
Artist: N.E.R.D.
Album: Seeing Sounds

This song is so real. N.E.R.D. did their thing and expose the inner thoughts of people. The video is mad kool too, with Rob D. the skater in it. Quite a cool tune to listen to during the recession. FYI the actually song is like 7 mins long on the album OD

"Sooner or Later it all comes crashing down"

Copyrighted 2009 Richardo A. Wilson
Richardo’s Top 25 Countdown of 2009

Chelsea could get the lead steady, Man Utd & Liverpool clean sheet lost of Dec 19 2009

Chelsea you can get 3 win over West Ham Dec 20, 2009 you can keep on getting a better lead over rivals Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal...

Man Utd 0 Fulham 3
Portsmouth 2 Liverpool 0

Both 2 clean sheets on these team… OUCH

I see Arsenal is gunning their way back up…
Arsenal 3 Hull City 0

GO CHELSEA….Make the move. Don’t Stop….
Oh yea you better win against West Ham
Dec 20, 2009.


Richardo's Snow Video Part 1 2 3 December 20, 2009

Richardo's Snow Video 12/20/09 Part 1 / 2 / 3

By default by of not saying no YES twice voting by 3 people, a special request via phone and the self vote of my own and also instead of 7 votes I orginally thought 5, Without no further ado, I present....Richardo's Snow Video...New York City Snow Storm 2009 December 19/20 2009...

People aint think I going to do it, but I DID...

Via Blackberry 8900 Mobile Media
Via Nikon CoolPix L18 Media

Thanks for the voting.

Phone Person...


IT WAS DONE....More funny stuff on the way,


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3