Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chelsea vs West Ham 1-1 December 20, 2009

Chelsea like what the heck man, I mean why the hell you going to make West Ham score on you first. First of all y'all could of put some goals in nicely...I am going to have to say even though he is my dude, Joe Cole lost mad opportunities. The ref dip on 2 penalities we could of came up on but hey. We got a draw 1-1, that means 1 point rather than 0 points.


3 times, Lampard had to take a penalty. CRAZY, wow. I would of been tight. But it must of been damaging for Lampard former Club to see him score 3 times on there turf....OUCH.

Chelsea let's make it happen...Title Run is where it is at.

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