Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Inspiration (non family)

Who inspires me?

This question has haunted me for many years when I was trying to discover who I was. From ages 15-18 I had really figured it out. I think my understanding of the world was very critical at that time as times were changing and I wanted to change me. Redeveloping and reinventing me was my major mission for there was no turning back. So I drew upon who have inspired me previous and as of current at the point. In my past I was inspired by (3) sources my cousins & best friend, my parents and my favorite music artist Beenie Man. Today, who inspires me are creative the people, such as artists, marketing executives, advertisements, products , leaders, and anyone who believes strongly in themselves and make the moves or whatever needed to be done to be successful. As much as I draw from many things, there are (3) key people or products I follow that inspires me and it will never change. I immensely respect their progress and their accomplishments and how they operate to be versatile, those people or products are Vince McMahan (WWE), Sean Combs (Diddy) and HBO Entertainment.

I grew up on WWE and HBO and they have both made a mark on me learning new development. Diddy’s story of getting into the industry was very inspiring to me as I had just reach to the United States he was the man which was in the mid 90’s. I love how this people talk and their energy, motivation and hard work to make things possible and to stay very relevant, Vince McMahan is major influence here, because he does whatever he has to no matter what to get things done and survive and still reach out to people. It’s about business before pleasure and that’s how I look at the world too. Among the others there are other people but not as much as the ones listed such Jay Z, Tyler Perry, Usher, Jackie Chan, Ludacris, and Linkin Park in which really keeps me going. I know you may think they all sound in the industry of music and entertainment, but well that is a huge part of my life. I love entertainment. Music fuels my life. If it wasn’t for music and creativity, hard work and determination by my key people, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

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  1. thats a great blog my dude, very well put, we all have something or someone that can be used as inspiration to us all, you have some solid places in with you have look too for yours. keep it up your sure to be great